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Why Beltmann?

  • All Beltmann instruments are 100% hand made.
  • All pianos are built according to the DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) for piano builders.
  • 90% of all elements of the Beltmann pianos are German / Austrian products.
  • All Beltmann pianos have the unique Beltmann floating -soundboard.
  • All Beltmann pianos have warranty for 10 years

               NEWS & EVENTS


  Beltmann Factory participated in  China Musik Messe  2012 in October 11 - 14.

Our  partners

* Renner actions -Germany *


* Renner Hammerheads- Germany *


* Klinke Tuningpins -Germany *

* Hainsworth felt-England *


* Röslau steelstrings-Germany *


* Degen copper-Germany *

Specific materials of Beltmann


  • High grade and exclusively selected spruce from Austria
  • Only seasoned and dried materials
  • Sand-casted iron frame produced according the special Beltmann recipe
  • Dehonit pin block made from hard textured wood
  • Maple bridges
  • Highest quality veneers
  • Highest quality hardware from Germany
  • Highest quality lacquering systems from Switzerland

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